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Warranty Exclusions

Crypt-Security publishes this website without any guarantee regarding it’s continuity or it’s contents. Additionally, Crypt-Security does not offer any guarantee, be it explicit or implicit, regarding the website, the ownership of it’s contents, the absence of potenti√¨ally malicuous software. Crypt-Security does not guarantee in any way that the information in this website be accurate, complete and update or that the website is free from defect or that it will resolve potential defects. Accessing the website you accept that any use/misuse of the website is at your own risk and you accept that under no circumstance will Crypt-Security be responsible for any loss of data, damage to SW and HW infrastructures that may come from accessing and using the website. Unless a specific jurisdiction invalidates or does not deem valid these terms.

Liability Limitation

Crypt-Security will in no way be held responsible, in or outside of contract regulated contexts, for any damage direct or indirect, actual or potential, specific or generic, that should incur due to use, or non use, or performance of any content information or product present on the website. And this indipendently of possible knowledge on Crypt-Security’s side of the possibility of such damages. Unless a specific jurisdiction invalidates does not deem valid these terms.


By accessubg the website, you commit to keep Crypt-Security free from any legal pretense with thirdparties (excluding related and reasonable legal expenses) caused by your use of the website or it’s contents.

Intellectual property rights

This website in its entirety, and all the material and content contained in it, is covered by Intellectual property rights. You can therefore view, print and copy its contents (including, pictures, documents, videos, logos) only for personal non-commercial use. Except for the specified conditions, any use, edit, print, reproduction, distribution or publication of its contents has to be cleared with the Site’s management staff or the owners of the specific content.


Any contribution sent to Crypt-Security via it’s website, will not be considered confidential or private in nature. Additionally, Crypt-Security will not have bear any obligations regarding these contributions and will be free to copy, use, publish, share with third parties, creation of derived contribution without any limitation or compensation towards the contributor. Finally, Crypt-Security reserves the right to use, without having to owe compensation of any kind ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques obtained via such contributions including potential production and commercialization of solutions using such contributions.

Links and Third Party Information

This website may contain Links to other website. Crypt-Security declines any responsibility as to the content or materials accessible on these websites, or obtainable through them. All links to other websites, as any other reference to information from third parties, will not be in any way considerable as supported by Crypt-Security and any problem with such content should be notified solely to those websites and/or third parties. This website can also contain Content from third party websites, such information will be appropriately tagged, any question regarding accuracy, truthfullness and completeness should be oriented directly at these third parties.

Liability Exclusion

The content of this website may contain inaccurate information and typographical errors. Crypt-Security declis any responsability regarding loss or damaged caused or connected to user’s trust of this websites content. It is therefore the users responsibility to evaluate independently the accuracy of such content. Crypt-Security reserver the right to edi the website and it’s contents at any time without giving any notice before or after the changes.

Unathorized Use and Access to the Website

The websites users are only allowed vision of the documents linked to in the main menus of the website itself. Unathorized access is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to circumvent the website’s security measures, or of using system which connect to the site, or gain access or obtain or damage, alter o the infirmation therein is also strictly prohibited. Any such action will result in legal action and pursued in all the relevant civil and penal courts as per standing laws and international conventions.