Crypt-Security S.r.l.

Crypt-Security S.r.l. is a Ltd company established University of Rome TorVergata which was name Crypt-ALaRM until june 2018.
To give new development to this extraordinary technology, it was decided to relaunch it with a new name and a new corporate configuration. But the story of Crypt-Security includes that of Crypt-ALaRM.
Crypt-ALaRM was a Ltd company established in Rome in 2006.

Crypt-ALaRM won the E2BLab ® spin-over contest of the Economics Faculty of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a testbed and an incubation center for the creation of innovative Enterprise with a very high level of experties in telecomunications and IT inside the Lazio region of Italy. The E2BLab is aimed towards valuing synergies between the Faculty, Companies, and Institutions, and to consolidate on the regional territory and in applying business best practises to start-ups.

In 2006 Crypt-ALaRM was also selected for 2 year EGO program, sponsored by Ericsson, a contest aimed at rewarding the most innovative idea in the telecommunications field. While the company was slowly taking shape it also participated actively to the Seed & Start Up Capital(BIC Lazio) and was officially recognized as an academical spin off of Tor Vergata University.

Over the years Crypt AlaRM has developed products and relationships with the IT security market.
In June 2018 Crypt Security was born by CRYPT ALaRM.

Corporate Development Support

Crypt Security’s corporate development support was implemented by BizPlace

Market placement

Today Crypt Security is an innovative SME, engaged in the ICT security sector and specialized in the creation and customization of proprietary cryptographic algorithms.
The Founding Member is Prof. Luigi Accardi, Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Director of the Interdepartmental Center for Research, Services and Consulting “Vito Volterra”.
Other Founding Partner and always involved in research and development, is Prof. Massimo Regoli, Researcher at the University of Tor Vergata.
From the transformation of the company from the previous name to the current one, which took place in June 2018, was joined by Prof. Accardi and Regoli, the Management Innovation team and in particular Emilio Sassone Corsi, who became Chief Executive Officer, and his brother Lucio, member of the Board.
Prof. Accardi has published over 430 papers on the most famous international journals, both in physics and mathematics. His publications mainly concern classical and quantum probability, functional analysis and their applications to physics. Starting from 2000, cryptography, first quantum then classical, occupies a central role in his research.
Thanks to its roots deeply rooted in the academic world, CSEC is a society based on knowledge, research and development of innovative products in the world of information security. The distinctive features of the CSEC business model compared to the model of other companies operating in the sector are the flexibility and the possibility of personalization.
Thanks to its highly specialized mathematical and cryptographic skills CSEC does not limit itself to integrating proprietary and standard algorithms in various types of software or hardware distributions, but is able to optimize the algorithms themselves and their performances through a complex work of adaptation to the context in to which they must be inserted.
In response to the growing demand for privacy protection and information protection CSEC is able to offer specialized consultancy and a suite of algorithms (CSEC Suite) that are robust, fast and customizable with highly innovative features. On the basis of these algorithms, applications aimed at the end-users market have been built, particularly interested in protecting their data and related communications. The cryptographic modules libraries and a series of solutions at the cutting edge of technologies for the protection of information resources and for the security of telecommunication networks are part of the CSEC offer.
All the products and services of CSEC are strictly made in Italy.
Crypt Security confirms the validity and effectiveness of its products making it available to jointly create test platforms quickly, easily and economically.