The Muncher algorithm: identification algorithm

Challenge identification algorithm, designed and developed tailored to the needs of the automotive industry (Remote Keyless Entry (REK)), but constructed in such a way that it can be applied to all situations where an identification is needed, based or one time password (OTP), or a challenge.
This algorithm, which is also unique in its kind, is applicable in many contexts and forms the basis for joint development with other consumer products companies.

Competitive advantages
1) They are very fast (order of the milli-seconds).
2) They require little memory.
3) They use little power.
4) They are modular.
5) They have excellent statistical properties that allow them to overcome the most famous batteries of statistical tests.

Possible developments
1) The property (5) allows to use the Muncher algorithms also as hash algorithms ((ie, that synthesize a very long file in a «summary» of a few bits).
2) Property (5) allows the use of Muncher algorithms also as flow algorithms (this property is also unique in this class of algorithms). This property opens up great prospects for using such algorithms for satellite use. In this environment, in fact, the requirement that cryptographic algorithms occupy as small a memory space as possible is very much felt and the possibility of using only one algorithm instead of two offers a considerable advantage to the satellite manufacturer.
3) Finally, a reversible version of these algorithms is being prepared for applications that require very fast block ciphers, such as hard disk encryption.